Single Investor
Prudential Private Placement Investors L.P. works with institutional clients to design and manage investment grade and high yield portfolios to meet clients’ objectives.
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Mezzanine Funds
Our fourth mezzanine fund, Prudential Capital Partners IV, L.P., closed with an initial commitment of $1.15 billion in 2012.
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PRIVEST, launched in 1976, is an investment grade commingled insurance company separate account and has grown to $6.4 billion as of 9/30/16.
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Sterling Fund
The Pricoa Sterling Corporate Bond Fund is a Qualified Investor Fund listed on the Irish Stock Exchange with £300 million committed as of 9/30/16.
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Partners in Middle-Market Investing

Prudential Capital Group is the private debt investment arm of PGIM, the global investment management business of Prudential Financial, Inc. We've been investing in private debt for more than 75 years and have managed assets on behalf of other institutions since 1976. Prudential Capital Group manages a private debt portfolio of nearly $78 billion as of 9/30/16, including $15 billion on behalf of non-affiliated institutions.

Prudential Capital Group invests across the risk spectrum, including investment grade, high yield and mezzanine, and offers a variety of products to its investors.