Asset Managers

Affiliated registered investment advisors managing various investment products, working closely with regional teams and senior management.


Prudential Capital Partners

The mezzanine debt and equity fund management business that invests in middle-market companies in North America. Investor base reflects a diverse group of institutions including private and public pensions, insurance companies, foundations and large family offices.


Prudential Private Placement Investors L.P.

The registered investment advisor affiliate of Prudential Capital Group. Prudential Private Placement Investors L.P. works with institutional clients to design and manage investment grade and high yield portfolios to meet clients’ objectives. 


PGIM Limited

Prudential Capital Group manages its investments outside of the U.S. through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Pricoa Capital Group, which sources and manages investments using the same strategy used in the U.S. PGIM Limited is Prudential’s asset management firm in Europe, which is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom. PGIM Limited has delegated the origination and management of private placements to Pricoa Capital Group.