Investment Vehicles

Prudential Capital Group invests across the risk spectrum in investment grade, high yield and mezzanine. Commingled vehicles and segregated accounts are available, in addition to multiple currency offerings.


Investment Grade

Investment grade companies are generally middle-market companies with between $200 million and $1 billion in annual revenue. Issuers can be global companies, though they tend to be located in the U.S. or Western Europe.

Products: PRIVEST, Single Investor Accounts and Pricoa Sterling Corporate Bond Fund.


High Yield

Prudential Capital Group invests across the risk spectrum, leveraging its regional office network to penetrate local markets.  High yield investments are typically senior debt investments that include smaller private companies or opportunistic distressed opportunities.

Products: PRIVEST Plus.



Mezzanine investments focus on companies with strong value-added businesses in narrowly defined market sectors.

Products: Prudential Capital Partners, L.P., Prudential Capital Partners II, L.P., Prudential Capital Partners III, L.P., Prudential Capital Partners IV, L.P. and Prudential Capital Partners V, L.P.


Single Investor Accounts

Single investor accounts are available for institutional investors who wish to participate in Prudential Capital Group’s investment activity using a customized strategy. Prudential Capital Group is a relationship-oriented lender and asset manager, boasting long-term relationships with both institutional investors and middle-market companies.

Products: Single Investor Accounts.


NOn-USD Investments

Prudential Capital Group has had a presence in Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand for more than 20 years, with offices in London, Frankfurt, Milan, Paris and Sydney*. It follows the same regional strategy used in the U.S. to source investments in middle-market companies. Opportunities to invest in non-USD transactions are available, with negotiable terms.

Products: Pricoa Sterling Corporate Bond Fund and Single Investor Accounts.

*Operates through PGIM (Australia) Pty Ltd.