Single Investor Accounts

Prudential Private Placement Investors manages $8.9 billion in individually managed segregated accounts as of 12/31/18.  



  • Investments available via a co-investment program with Prudential’s General Account
  • Focus on traditional private placements to middle-market issuers, both in the U.S. and outside of the U.S., mainly in Western Europe
  • Industrial concentration with low finance exposure
  • Highly focused credit culture



  • Customizable accounts subject to the client’s objectives, which could include various investment guidelines or restrictions including quality, currency, sector and term
  • Investor holds the securities in its own name and all cash flows directly between the investor and the issuers
  • Prudential Private Placement Investors, a registered investment advisor, manages the accounts and performs regular reporting services
  • Prudential Capital Group manages the assets on behalf of the investor
  • Eligible institutions are those with the ability to invest in private placement assets


Options are available in a variety of currencies.


Value Proposition